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“Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.”   – Yogi Berra




To play in the big leagues is to be involved in an endeavor of epic proportions, one that has the greatest opportunity for success. While definitions of what constitutes success are highly subjective, I like to think of life itself as the biggest of the big leagues; when that game ends, it really ends. Awesome opportunities abound in this adventure we call life.  And in life, just like in baseball, we are regularly called to step up to the plate, move into position and take a swing.  Batters at the plate may run the risk of striking out or getting hit by a pitch, but they also have the chance to put the ball in play, get on base, or hit a home run… maybe even a grand slam. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


But what’s the sense in being a big leaguer if one lacks the most important thing in the world — love? I’m not talking about the generic, watered-down, dictionary definition of love. I’m referring to that incredible, ineffable force that transcends limitations and lives as the greatest expression of the human spirit, a love large enough to embrace everything that shows up — the failures along with the successes, the light and shadow both, and all that lies between.  Now THAT is some big league love, and the kind of which I desire to embody — both on this site and in my life.


To me, the most beautiful human beings are those with the most love.  A ballplayer can have the skill, the savvy, and the stats, but if he doesn’t play with love, I find his performance dry and uninspiring. The people of whom I am the most fond, both in life and in baseball, aren’t those who always perform perfectly, but those who have the most heart, the most soul, the most spirit.  Listening to the ballgame on the radio as I type these words, I hear one of my favorite players announce, “Giants fans, you know we love you, right?”  Thank you, synchronicity!


Bringing Big League Love into existence is my way of stepping up to the plate. My love of baseball combined with an innate desire to write are what motivated me to start this project. Baseball is one of my greatest joys; it sparks my passion, ignites my enthusiasm, and encourages me to be fully present. In my mind, baseball is the greatest sport there is. Inspired by the parallels I see between life and baseball, and the lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn on my journey, my blog is a blend of sport and spirit. As someone who enjoys (or is perhaps compelled) to dive below the surface, I relish taking deep dives into the ocean of baseball, and ultimately of life. My words are often (although not always) less about the sporting aspect of baseball and more about how rivers of baseball run through the backdrop of my life, forever altering the landscape.
I invite you to come and explore further.


If you’re wondering how I became such a baseball enthusiast, check out my first blog entry entitled “Growing up Giant”.  San Francisco is my home base, and the Giants are in my blood. I have a long history with the orange and black, and they are my team, win or lose. Yet beyond my love for one team, I have a deep appreciation for sport of baseball as a whole.  If I happen to find myself inspired by another team, town, or ballplayer, I will write about them. Unpopular as it might make me, I don’t subscribe to the “despise all teams that aren’t my own” philosophy. (Call me the John Lennon of baseball… hey, it’s easy if you try!) One of my goals for this lifetime is to make little pilgrimages to as many Big League ballparks as possible (especially the old school ones like Fenway and Wrigley). I want to set foot in them, experience games in them, and share with my readers the good that I see in each city and their fans.  How very San Francisco hippie of me!  And yes, I did say pilgrimage; my reverence for baseball runs deep.


If you are a fellow baseball fan, welcome!  If you have preconceived notions about the sport of baseball, or about professional athletes in general, welcome!  I find dismantling stereotypes to be rather fun.  Of course there are, and probably always will be, a number of pompous asses in the world of sports.  However, the characters in my baseball universe are comprised of conscious citizens, sincere souls, and benevolent agents of social change.  Consciousness, benevolence and baseball — who knew?  I’ve seen egos set aside to make way for the greater good, the true meaning of teamwork displayed in all its finery, and a unity that rivals many a spiritual gathering.  In reading my blog, I hope to expand your previous conceptions of baseball, and ultimately, of life.


I view the word, both spoken and written, as a powerful thing. Harnessing that power for the best possible means is a process I am continuously learning and refining.  My core intention with Big Leauge Love is to move my readers with my words, no matter where one lands on the fan spectrum, and whether one likes baseball or not (yet!)  Thank you so much for visiting my site, and I wish you well on your journey.  Make the most of this precious gift of life, have fun as you go, and just remember:  even the pros still put their pants on one leg at a time.